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Dino Kotopoulis : Metal Sculpture Dino Kotopoulis

Dino Kotopoulis , creator of joyous and whimsical art, has been gifting the world with his unique graphics, films, paintings and metal sculptures that delight the eye and sing to the soul. His art makes you happy.

Dino a beloved member of the Seaside art scene and a dear friend of QuincyShop.

Dino Katopoulis as been making the world laugh for many years. His unforgettable award winning “Charlie the Tuna” is a Dino Kotopoulis Hall of Fame Commercial. This artist’s boundless imagination, eye for form and exuberant color is singular in perspective and imbued with a sense of delight that inspires viewers to celebrate the child’s heart in us all. Dino is offering for sale a limited edition hand cut and painted wonderful metal sculptures. The sculptures are suitable for indoor or outdoor display. We are honored to present these joyful and expertly designed and crafted limited edition works of art. You may contact Dino Kotopoulis for commissioned art and art installations @ 850-499-0606.