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Ogon Metal Wallets

Ogon Metal Wallets Designer aluminum metal credit card case wallets-A new and revolutionary concept designed in Sweden.

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The Ogon metal wallets & credit card wallets completely replace the 20th century leather wallet. This very clever wallet allows you to carry the essential in a pocket size case: Papers, cards, cash... Well protected in an aluminum shell in great stylish colors that combines resistance and lightness. The open fan-shaped compartments are very easy and handy to use.

- Aluminum shell and black resin give the credit cards, with their magnetic stripes and data chips, excellent protection from electro-magnetic radiations. - Water-resistant material - Includes seven expandable pockets made of resistant PVC to fit up to 14 cards - Click-button closing - Sleek finishing on both sides for a multitude of colors and fine designs - Dimensions:4.33 x 2.95 x 0.67" - Weight:70 grams/2.47 oz - Gift-box The Ogon wallet case also offers complete protection from identification theft by blocking the radio frequency (RFID) tags now imbedded in some credit cards. Additional unique gifts for women are available on site in our Unique Unique Gifts for Women Selections. Or visit our Unique Gifts for Men Section